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Cooke City, MT – A Hidden Gem

This winter we made another exciting trek to Cooke City Montana – officially the highest town in Montana. Most probably think that it’s in Wyoming, but it’s pretty close to the border. In the winter you can only access Cooke City through Yellowstone’s Northwest Entrance. Most people when visiting Yellowstone stay on the “figure eight”, but leaving Tower Junction heading northwest is in my opinion the best part of the park. The Lamar Valley is a treat any time of the year. Animals congregate there – from Elk, Wolves, Big Horn Sheep, Coyotes, and grizzlies (during the non wintry season). If you are lucky, you might spot a moose or two right outside of the park between Silver Gate and Cooke City.

Ahhh…it’s always magic for us. The wolves were exciting to see this time – and we learned a new trick. Look for the Yellow Xterra and you are pretty sure to see wolves. On our trip we watched the Druid Pack and did get the opportunity to see a lone wolf – pretty exciting. Within in 3 days we spotted 3 Moose, Wolves, Big Horn Sheep, Buffalo, countless Bull Elk and herds, Coyotes- including 2 eating on a kill, and some Bucks when we entered the park at Mammoth. Not too bad for a winter feast of the eyes!

Staying in Cooke City is always awesome! We love the Elk Horn Lodge and the High Country Inn. The bar is fun for a burger or pizza in the evening and a great lunch at Beds-n-Buns. Our favorite thing to do is leave Cooke City early in the morning, spot wildlife all morning, eat lunch at the Dining Room in Mammoth and then head back for an afternoon of more spotting. If you are looking for a wildlife viewing respite then I highly recommend this adventure. I would advise a vehicle that is good in the snow as it makes the journey easier and pulling off to spot a snap. I also recommend a spotting scope, good set of binoculars and warm clothes. I have to say too that when spotting, I was really impressed with how friendly and generous people are who have scopes – Pay it Forward!