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Olallie Lake Washington

Located just down the road from Takhlakh Lake is another amazing lake. Beautiful view of Mt. Adams and next to nobody there. I would have to wonder how many people stop at Takhlakh instead of traveling a bit further to Olallie? Nice camping area, clear lake water and up front and personal views of Mt. Adams. Pretty nice place to stop.


Takhlakh Lake near Mt. Adams – Washington

According to Wikipedia, “The name Takhlakh comes from a Native American word “takh”, which means meadows. Takh Takh Meadows was also named after this word, since flowers are particularly abundant in and around the Takh Takh Lava Flow area.”

Talk about a majestic lake with amazing photographic appeal. It’s pretty easy to get a great shot of Mt. Adams reflecting in its calm waters. The lake is beautiful and I was pretty impressed by the campsites in the campground – may right on the lake. I was up there on a Sunday and it wasn’t very busy – though many people were probably headed out after the weekend. I was only able to stay for a short time, but look forward to returning when I have time to enjoy some of the local area hiking. The lake and campground reminded me a lot of Gold Lake in the Oregon Cascades, but with an even better mountain view. It’s definitely up there in my book.

There are a few different ways into the lake whether you are coming from Randle, Packwood or Trout Lake. I do have to say a little bit about Trout Lake. What a beautiful location! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it had a similar feel to Sunriver – outdoor beauty. That is a route that I definitely recommend. The mountain views from all directions are pretty impressive.



Free Campground – Council Lake Washington


Washington is quickly becoming one of my new favorite playgrounds. Recently I explored a few of the lakes around Mt. Adams – situated in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. These lakes are located on the western side of Mt. Adams. One of the lakes – Council Lake, appears to be a deep water lake with a small campground near its southwestern tip. There’s a fairly steep drop down to the lake, but that makes it easier to lower your canoe to its shore. The camp sites are nestled pretty close together, but still somewhat private amongst the older growth trees. And…it’s free! Those are becoming close to a Dodo bird phenomenon. The drive in was an easy gravel road. I didn’t have time to explore the lake on this trip, but based on the drive in, I think there is a large meadow towards the more northern in.

When I arrived, there were a few people pulling in their boats with a nice catch of fish from the day. The water is a deep blue and it’s what I would classify as a flat water lake. Overall, this is one lake that I will be returning to.
Lake Acreage: 43.7
Elevation: 4,225 feet

IMG_1848   IMG_1846A purple mushroom I found along the edge of the lake.

Road Trips Out West

Are you planning or thinking about taking a road trip out west? Here are some places I can help you with-

Oregon – All over – from the Willamette Valley, Central Oregon, Eastern Oregon, and the Oregon Coast. I have backpacked the Wallowas, the Cascades, Coastal Mountains and more. I can help you out with areas around Fort Rock, Christmas Valley, the Strawberries, Elkhorns, etc.

California – All over the northern region and the Yosemite and Sequoia area. I have also driven most of I5. Redwoods, Elk preserves, Shelter Cove…

Washington – most of the coastal areas, and some of the eastern/central areas.

Montana – I have been all over this state from Missoula, Glacier, Western Region, southern region, from Butte to Billings etc.

Idaho – almost most of this state now from the northern tip to the southern region and all over in-between. Idaho is amazing and has a lot to offer.

Utah – I have backpacked the Wasatch range, traveled Escalante, Bryce, Capital Reef, Moab, Black Canyon, Calf Creek and more.

Colorado – I have driven most of this state from the wildlife preserve at the uppermost western tip to Durango and beyond. I have been to Mesa Verde, Hovenweep, Leadville, Estes Park…