McPhillips Beach – Near Pacific City Oregon

My newest trek took me back along Three Capes Loop and I couldn’t help but make a stop at McPhillip’s Beach. Once again I was blessed with an incredibly sunny morning; not so rare in the winter along the Oregon coast. With a little more time to explore, it was fun to check out some of the rock formations. It’s pretty easy to drive down onto this beach. The road is rocky but firm. I’ll post a few photos to tantalize you, but just a bit. It’s so much more fun to explore in a blind way. There is a small trail leading off the beach and has that very hobbity feel – I’m assuming it’s part of the Oregon Coast Trail. With a campground across the road from the turn in, I’m guessing this place may get pretty busy during the summer. But, during the winter, the campground is closed, making this a deserted place to sip coffee on a bright sunny winter morning.



Three Capes Loop

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  1. These pictures are great! Glad you enjoyed the time by Three Capes Loop.


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